What kind of consumers are your products aimed at?

Our wide range of health care and cosmetic products covers the needs of consumers of all ages.
The products are unisex and are well established in all markets.

What markets are ABC Farma focussed on?

We have products suited to the needs of different existing markets:
Chemists, Large Scale, Beauty Centres, Parapharmacy, Perfumery and Professional Hairdressers.

Can I use one of your products with my own brand?

Yes. Although we have our own branded products, our largest market focuses on the manufacture of custom patches for third parties.

Can I have a different presentation to yours?

Yes. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, the most suitable presentations for your market can be prepared.

Can I change the shape of the patches?

Yes. For the same reason as above. In addition, the new technology on which our products are based allows us to prepare cosmetic solutions with different appearances and identical composition and action.

Can I apply my own formula to your technologies?

Yes. The product development team will be commissioned to adapt your formula and active ingredients to the most appropriate technology (transdermal, hydrogel, strip...). In this regard, extraordinary results can be achieved.

How do I register your products?

The registration of trademarks depends on each particular product and country.
We offer a customised advisory service throughout the entire product registration process.

Are there minimum purchase requirements?

Yes. This "minimum purchase" depends on the type of product chosen, the type of order (custom, standard, ABC Farma brand, own formula, etc.) For more information, please contact our sales department.

What are the delivery periods?

If your company decides to customise the product, the delivery period is estimated at a maximum of 120 days from receipt of "final artwork" and "firm order". If your company decides to choose our standard products, the period is 60 days from receipt of order.

What are the shipping terms?

Shipments are through Ex-works Barcelona. For more information, please contact our sales department.